Waste Characterisation

Waste characterisation options

Do you require the development of waste characterisation reporting or an MSDS? RareEarth Recycling can develop these for you.

The development of these reports and documents starts with the analysis of a sample of your waste product. A SANAS accredited laboratory performs these analyses with our guidance. We then undertake an assessment of the results according to the South African norms and standards. Depending on your requirements, we can then create a waste characterisation report or a material safety data sheet (MSDS).

These documents are important for the disposal or recycling of waste products, as they guide the waste management company handling the waste. The type of landfill (if any) that can be used for the waste is described by the waste classification report. The MSDS gives a detailed explanation on the hazardous nature of the waste. It is critical in the case of exposure or spills. Transport companies also use these for determining how to transport the waste.

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